6 Best Neighborhoods in Nashville

6 Best Neighborhoods in Nashville
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Are you planning on moving to Nashville? The biggest question lingering in your mind may be: where exactly should I try to find a residence? 

There are various factors that will affect where you will be able to buy or rent an apartment – including your budget, financial freedom, conveyance, etc. However, having a good idea about which areas to priorities can help you make better decisions while you hunt for your new Nashville residential property.

So without any further ado, here are some of the best neighborhoods to live in Nashville.

1. Lockeland Springs

Lockeland Springs is one of the favorite neighborhood among families in Nashville and is located towards the east. One of the main reasons it is so popular among families is because it has some of the best schools in town, including the Lockeland Elementary School.

In addition to that, it has a variety of housing options to choose from, ranging from large new constructions to remodeled cottages. The area also offers plenty of walkable streets and bike-friendly areas, as well as green spaces, such as Lockeland Springs Park and Shelby Park.

You can have some relaxing time with your family by heading over to the Cumberland River and enjoy the specular view. The area is also filled with great shops and restaurants that can keep you busy for a long time. And if you want to get to the more happening part of the city, a quick drive via US-41 will get you to Downtown Nashville in no time.

2. The Gulch

While Nashville is usually advertised as a great place for families to live in, it can be equally rewarding for all the singles out there. If you are going to be living by yourself in Nashville, you may want to look into the Gulch. It mainly consists of apartments and condos, making it the perfect area for young adults to reside in.

The industrial, contemporary style of this neighborhood offers a trendy vibe to the environment. It is a part of Nashville’s “action” and is filled with bars, music venues, restaurants, and shops. Since all of these places are within walking distance, The Gulch is also a great option for people who prefer the walkable lifestyle.

Lately, The Gulch has also developed a new greenery and bike path to enhance the value of the area. So if you’re looking to get active outdoors, you’ll find it quite easy to that here.

3. Belle Meade

This suburb has an interesting history behind it. Belle Meade didn’t take birth with a silver spoon in its mouth. Due to which it sometimes leaves visitors appalled when they look at the now high price tags attached to the Cape Cods in this neighborhood.

The reason this area is so expensive is all due to its impeccable location. It is home to three of the best private schools in Nashville, as well as an amazing public elementary. It is only six miles from downtown. All of this results in the home prices starting in the $300,000s range, with condos starting a little lower.

Getting a home or apartment in this area is certainly a huge real estate investment, but it is one that is worth every penny as the neighborhood is only expected to grow in the future. So if you’re planning on making a long-term investment, Belle Meade is one of the best options to consider.

4. Belmont-Hillsboro

This is one of the older neighborhoods in Nashville and is perfect for all types of families. You can find a wide range of residential properties in this Belmont-Hillsboro, ranging from cozy brick cottages to well-maintained Tudor-style homes.

It also has a good mix of private and public schools. So parents have the option to pick a good school for their children in accordance with their preference. The popular Belmont University is also located here, making it a great place for college students who want to stay close to their homes.

Residents of Belmont-Hillsboro have access to all types of restaurants, shops, and all kinds of fun things to do along 12South. You can also sign up for one of the various classes offered in this area, including Fahrenheit Yoga, aerobics class, or a Bootcamp course. You can even watch classic movies, the latest documentaries, or lesser-known indie films at The Belcourt Theatre. All in all, you’ll never get bored here.

5. Green Hills

It would be a crime not to mention Green Hills while talking about the best neighborhoods in Nashville. Green Hills is widely considered one of the most desirable places to live in Nashville, and it is the best place for families looking for a quieter, more suburban lifestyle.

A number of trendy eateries, shopping hotspots, and great schools, such as Julia Green Elementary and JT Moore Middle School, as well as Lipscomb University, can be found in this neighborhood. What makes this area even more popular is that you can find homes in all ranges around here.

From affordable townhomes to cozy bungalows and large Colonial and Tudor-style homes, you can literally find everything here. Add to it the beautiful, tree-lined streets, and it seems like a picture right out of a postcard you received last Christmas.

6. Oak Hill

Oak Hill is arguably the quietest, most calm neighborhood you’ll find in Nashville. Most of its area is covered with large lots, expansive yards, and plenty of trees. Housing options include sprawling ranches with contemporary touches, classic Colonial two-stories, etc.

Oak Hills is also home to great schools, including John Overton High School, Franklin Road Academy, and of course, Oak Hill High School. Therefore, families don’t have to look far to find good schools for kids and young adults.

However, the highlight of this neighborhood is the many trails where you can go hiking whenever you want. You can also explore the aviary at Radnor Lake State Natural Area or visit Travellers Rest Historic House Museum. Overall, this is the perfect place for families who are looking for long-term residence.